Hey! This is Adrià Bosch

Hey there! I’m an oceanographer turned artist from Spain. Growing up in a small coastal town near the Mediterranean, the sea has always been my backdrop.

I started out working in my family’s beach bar and later pursued a degree in Oceanography. When COVID hit, I found myself exploring a new avenue—gyotaku, the Japanese art of fish printing. With a bit of time on my hands and a desire to create, I taught myself the ropes.

After leaving Spain for studies in Baja, Mexico, I learned to navigate life on my own. From selling prints in local spots to small farmers’ markets, I’m now taking my art online with this website.

As an oceanographer, I want to bring a touch of the sea to your space through my prints. It all kicked off in 2020, a year that pushed me to adapt and explore new horizons.

Join me as I blend my love for the ocean with a bit of creativity.

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Explore a lot of shorts and videos where you can see the full process of making my Gyotaku prints