Black Snook

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Dive into the unique beauty of the Black Snook through this Gyotaku print. Capturing the distinct features of this coastal fish, this print celebrates the dynamic pattern and character of this sought-after species.


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About the original print

Here is a 34-inch Snook caught off the coast of the Pacific in Costa Rica. Printed on rice paper using the traditional direct Gyotaku method. Snooks are typically seen with their mouths closed, but this time, I wanted to showcase how this robust fish can open it wide.

AdriĆ  Bosch

About this species

The Black Snook, scientifically termed Centropomus medius, is a coastal predator known for its impressive size and stealthy nature. Identified by its dark coloration and discernible lateral line, this species frequents estuaries, mangroves, and shallow coastal waters. Black Snook exhibit a voracious appetite, preying on smaller fish and crustaceans, and are highly sought after by anglers for their challenging fight and striking appearance. Their elusive behavior and preference for sheltered coastal environments make them a captivating target among sportfishing enthusiasts.

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Artist Canvas, Artist Matte Paper


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