Half Purple Sailfish

44 x 36″

Behold the Half Sailfish gyotaku print, showcasing the stunning purple hues of this swift ocean hunter. See the fine details that bring out its sleek shape and unique features, adding a bold touch to any room.


Thanks to a local fishop in Quepos, Costa Rica I was able to print this magnificent fish from comercial fishing. Unique opportunity because in Costa Rica all Sailfish and Marlin species are catch and realise species. People it’s really aware of that, and they respect it a lot. They told me it was the last hook of the longline, not a really big one but perfect to fit on the paper that I had at that moment. This piece it’s for those that really want a sailfish original but they have no room on the wall for a complete one. Printed on rice paper using the traditional Gyotaku direct method.

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