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Come to know the Wahoo, a swift and predatory fish prized for its speed, sleek appearance, and popularity among sport fishermen.  You will have this amazing fish with all the detail in your house or workspace, ordering a custom sized Fine Art Print from Adri Gyotaku.


This exquisite print features a Fine Art reproduction of our Wahoo gyotaku original.

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About the original print

It took me more than two years to be able to have this fish on my printing table. Impressed by the unique way their lateral line goes along the body. Not a lot of detail from the scales because, as a fast fish, scale are so tiny that it make it hard to even see them. Printed over rice paper using the traditional Gyotaku direct method.

Adrià Bosch


About this Species

The Wahoo, scientifically named Acanthocybium solandri, is a sleek, predatory fish found in tropical and subtropical seas. Known for its elongated body and remarkable speed, it’s a prized catch among anglers. Its slender, streamlined physique and razor-sharp teeth make it a swift hunter in the open ocean, preying on smaller fish and squid.

Renowned for its ability to reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour, the Wahoo is one of the fastest fish in the ocean. Its distinctive dark-blue vertical stripes over a silver body and pointed snout contribute to its allure. Often found near reefs and drop-offs, it’s a challenging and exciting fish to target for sport fishing enthusiasts.

With a diet primarily consisting of other fast-swimming fish and cephalopods, the Wahoo’s predatory nature places it high in the ocean’s food chain. Its rapid swimming abilities and striking appearance make it a popular subject for Gyotaku prints, capturing the essence of this remarkable fish in artistic renditions.

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