Yellowfin Tuna Color

36 x 18″

A 31-inch Yellowfin Tuna Gyotaku, hand-printed using traditional methods, vividly captures the fish’s details and vibrant scales on rice paper. This Costa Rican catch showcases the Tuna’s streamlined form and metallic hues, a testament to its agility and strength. Celebrating this apex predator’s beauty, Gyotaku art honors the Yellowfin Tuna’s elegance and prowess.


This was a 31 inch Yellow Fin Tuna caught in Pacific Costa Rican, offshore of Marina Pez Vela, Quepos. Printed over rice paper using the traditional Gyotaku direct method. This one was colored using acrylic. Tuna are species with tinny scales, as faster is the fish, smaller they are. Using rice paper instead of fabric or cloth can make those scales pop and get printed with incredible details from the fish. Have a close look at the pictures :). Tunas are ths most dificult fish to print due to their roundness, that’s why I did the body first and then I continued cuting and printing the fins one by one.

Adrià Bosch



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