Floating Octopus 2.0

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Discover the mystique of the octopus with our Gyotaku prints, capturing the intricate details of these intelligent marine creatures in stunning artistry


About the original print

Everytime I work with octopus I really try to find movement when I print them. Perfect condition octopus which turned out with so much detail.

Adrià Bosch

About this species

Octopus, belonging to the class Cephalopoda, are intelligent, invertebrate creatures found in various marine habitats worldwide. Known for their eight arms, suction cups, and remarkable camouflage abilities, octopuses exhibit incredible intelligence and adaptability. With a diverse diet comprising crustaceans, mollusks, and small fish, these creatures play a crucial role in maintaining marine ecosystems. Their unique anatomy, problem-solving skills, and intriguing behaviors make them a subject of fascination among marine enthusiasts and scientists.

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10×8 inches, 15×12 inches, 20×16 inches, 28×22.5 inches, 46×37 inches


Artist Canvas, Artist Matte Paper


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