Roosterfish chasing Ballyhoo

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Captured over rice paper using the Gyotaku technique, this print showcases a 32-inch Roosterfish in pursuit of Ballyhoos. Printed in silver and greenish hues, this scene depicts the excitement of a chase in the Pacific Costa Rican shore waters.


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About the original print

This was a 32 inch Roosterfish caught accidentally on a gill-net in the Pacific Costa Rican shore. Printed over rice paper using the traditional Gyotaku direct method. In this case, I decided to add some color to this beautiful fish, sometimes silver, sometimes greenish colours. Also I left some space in front of him waiting to get some Ballyhoos that I added weeks later in order to create this scene.

Adrià Bosch

About this species

The Roosterfish, scientifically named Nematistius pectoralis, is renowned for its distinct appearance characterized by the raised, comb-like dorsal fins resembling a rooster’s crest. Inhabiting coastal waters along the Pacific, this species is sought after for its impressive size and spirited fight, making it a prized catch among sportfishermen. Roosterfish exhibit an elusive nature, often found near rocky shores or sandy beaches, preying on smaller fish and crustaceans. Their striking appearance and remarkable behavior make them a fascination in both sportfishing and marine biology circles.


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10×8 inches, 15×12 inches, 20×16 inches, 28×22.5 inches, 46×37 inches


Artist Canvas, Artist Matte Paper


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