Look-Down School

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Discover the captivating Gyotaku print of this Lookdown Fish school, showcasing the distinctive features of Selene vomer in an exquisite artwork.


About the original print

School of this flat and shiny fish. The fish was provided from a fisherman in Marina Pez Vela, Costa Rica. Here they use it as bait for roosterfish

Adrià Bosch

About this species

The Lookdown Fish, scientifically known as Selene vomer, is an intriguing marine species characterized by its unique body shape, featuring a compressed and laterally flattened appearance. Sporting silver hues and distinctive dark bands along its body, this coastal fish gracefully navigates shallow waters, captivating onlookers with its slender profile.

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10×8 inches, 15×12 inches, 20×16 inches, 28×22.5 inches, 46×37 inches


Artist Canvas, Artist Matte Paper


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