Porkfish School

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Explore the vibrant beauty of the porkfish captured in a Gyotaku print. Discover its unique coloration and significance in reef ecosystems, highlighting the beauty of marine life.


About the original print

This small species can be found close to reefs, I wanted to create this piece tyring to represent what I saw during a dive in Caño Island in Costa Rica, where this guys can gatther in small schools making a beutiful and colorfull scene.

Adrià Bosch

About this species

The porkfish, known for its distinct coloration and patterns, is a native inhabitant of the Western Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Identified by its silver body accented with yellow and black stripes, it roams shallow reef areas in schools. While not considered dangerous to humans, porkfish are primarily herbivorous, feeding on algae and small invertebrates. These colorful fish play a crucial role in reef ecosystems, aiding in the control of algae growth and serving as a food source for larger predators.

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10×8 inches, 15×12 inches, 20×16 inches, 28×22.5 inches, 46×37 inches


Artist Canvas, Artist Matte Paper


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