Sailfish (purple) 2

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A Gyotaku print capturing the swift movement and vibrant beauty of the Sailfish. Explore this unique artwork showcasing the marine elegance of the Istiophorus platypterus.


About the original print

Thanks to a local fishop in Quepos, Costa Rica I was able to print this magnificent fish from comercial fishing. Unique opportunity because in Costa Rica all Sailfish and Marlin species are catch and realise species. People it’s really aware of that, and they respect it a lot. They told me it was the last hook of the longline, not a really big one but perfect to fit on the paper that I had at that moment. There are not a lot of original full body sailfish in the Gyotaku world, here you can find one with a blue dorsal fin. Printed over rice paper using the traditional Gyotaku direct method.

About this species

The Sailfish, known scientifically as Istiophorus platypterus, boasts a distinctive sail-like dorsal fin and a streamlined, elongated body, making it one of the fastest marine creatures. Inhabiting warmer oceans, these pelagic fish are recognized for their stunning speed and agile hunting prowess. With metallic blue hues across their body and their ability to rapidly change colors during hunting, Sailfish are iconic figures in the open seas.

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Artist Canvas, Artist Matte Paper


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